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Welcome to Americans In Leipzig

The Wave-Gotik Treffen is the world's largest festival for "dark culture" held each spring in Leipzig, Germany. Tens of thousands of goth.industrial.darkwave.ebm.etherial.darkfolk.coldwave fans from around the world collect to see performances from hundreds of bands, dozens of movie and literary events, all-night dance parties, and so many other goings-on it's impossible to even give a comprehensive overview.

For English-speakers, the amount of information available about the WGT is somewhat limited. The WGT organization has an English version of their website (see link above), but it does not give any advice as to how the Treffen "works," travel and lodging suggestions, or the like. Meanwhile, there are a large number of attendees whose grasp of the German language is, well, "developing." So we created a community to share ideas and tips, and support and socializing, for our trips to the Treffen, and to offer that help to people who are considering a first trip to the WGT. Though titled "Americans In Leipzig," our e-group has become a community of people around the world - even in Germany.

This page is the starting point of one side of AmericansInLeipzig: our online reference guide. Feel free to read through whatever interests you. The lively side of AmericansInLeipzig is our e-mail mailing list. It is generally not a high-traffic list - we try to keep conversation related to Treffen activities and subjects. But we encourage everyone to share their information, pictures, and stories. We welcome you to join by following the link to the group's Yahoogroup homepage.

And feel free to browse the information we've collected here. This is a constantly developing project - any AmericansInLeipzig members who have material they would like to have included here, or have differing viewpoints or experiences, are encouraged to let me know at

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